History of Hedon Farm


Established in 1864 by Edwin Mackereth, Hedon Farm is the oldest winery in the Pyrenees.

The Mackereth family planted the first vines in 1887 and went on to produce wine and operate shops in Avoca main street until the late 1920’s.

The old house was built in the late 1860’s. But when the winery failed, the property was sold in 1929 to a Dairy farmer.  Cattle were introduced to graze out the vines and the homestead was left to gradually deteriorate from neglect.

Vines were re-established on the property in the late 1990’s, bringing new life to the acres that had once yielded prize winning wines for the Mackereth family.

Purchased by the Teal family in 2008, the last six years have been spent working on the old house and surrounding area.

Hedon Farm has now started a new chapter in its rich life, and opens its doors to serve and sell local wines.